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Friday, 11 October 2013

October Flair and Exclusive Items

Before I begin sharing Flair images and some exciting news, just a reminder that our sale date is confirmed!
This is 8pm EST at www.apieceofcakedesigns.com.au

Here are some sneaks for you of this months kits! 

Apologies that these photos are not the best, its dark here at the moment. But these kits are to die for!

October Cupcake kit sneak:

October Main Cake kit sneak: 

Here are the Cherry Flair sets which will be available for sale this coming Monday. I am trialling a new product image this month, which is purely in digital form - this means that the colours may vary slightly in the Flair due to them being a handmade item. 

I am SO SO SO EXCITED to share the newest additions to the APOCD store - the introduction of masks and wood veneer products designed exclusively by me for APOCD! These items will be included in the October Main Cake Kit and October Cupcake kit this month.

The masks and veneer will not be a regular inclusion in all APOCD kits however, they will be present occasionally within a kit. The hope is that I will start to develop my own mask and veneer products which will be available as extras in the store, just like the Cherry Flair are :) EXCITING HEY!?!

Firstly, our 'Starry Love' Mask, this is 15cm x 15cm in size and will be included in our October Cupcake Kit.

Our LOVE Polaroid which is 7cm x 9cm and will fit a 2.5"x2.5" instagram photo - This is also included in the October Cupcake kit and is cut on 1.5mm veneer. 

Our 3"x4" 'Love This' Wood Veneer Card is included in the October Main Cake Kit. The fantastic thing about these cards is that they are cut and engraved on 1mm thick veneer, which means they are so easy to staple into to attach photos, embellishments etc.

I hope you enjoyed checking out the sneaks, new Flair images and our exclusive items. So many exciting things happening at APOCD! 

I will be back soon with more sneaks and introducing our newest designers :)

-Raquel x



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