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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Workspace Wednesday with Aimee Dow

Hi and welcome to the Betwixt & Between Studio, or if you live in this house, the room I annexed overnight because I got tired of walking back and forth between the Dining Room and the Office, every time I wanted to scrap.

My studio is without a doubt my happy place. I scrap, read, write and hang out in there all the time. So you can imagine just how thrilled I was last month when Ikea asked my to do a home tour. A lot of the photos in today's post come from that photo shoot last December. 

I am very luck to have two giant windows in my studio. A standing bench faces out on to the street, which has it's pro's and cons. It's great for daydreaming, but I am sure my neighbors must think I do nothing, but stare out the window all day.

Behind the door on the right is my Expidit bookshelf. All current kits go in the Pepsi box on the top until it's time to be broken down. The wire baskets are from Typo - from left to right they house twine and ribbon, glitter and glitter tape, Mists and finally ink pads and embossing powder. The Ikea boxes on the bottom keep my mini albums and tools. The ones without lids hold my current projects. I love them so much because they are so easy just to pull out when your working on a project and just dump it all back in at the end of the day. The wicker basket holds all my acrylic stamps.

Behind the door on the right you have my Alex draws and my Project Life filing system. Soon, I'll be starting an organisational series over at Betwixt & Between. I'll go into in more detail then. For now though you should all go out and get yourself some Alex draws. They are by far my favorite thing in this room. All my ephemera packs, wood stamps, adhesives, and cables live in here.

Right about now I will confess to having a bit of a cookbook addiction. I used to have a rule where I could only fill one shelf, but it got really hard to choose. The wire baskets over here have my thicker collection, enamel dots and gems, and of course one just for odds and ends.

Last but not least my favorite corner. Where I start my days and often where I return to think. I love this chair. It's not mine. I came with my husband, but if we ever get a divorce it's the only thing of his that I want. 

Actually, that all looks really inviting. I think I will head there now.

Aimee xx

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