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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Anna Allan - Christmas Card Holder...

And a Scrappy New Year to all ;-)

Today I am sharing a quick how-to for an easy but decorative way to store those Christmas cards you receive every year! I am using the December Cupcake Kit.

The only thing I added from my own stash was the red cardstock and a couple more designs of washi tape - the rest is all kit.

STEP 1 - grab a 12x12" piece of cardstock in your desired colour (obviously, I chose red). Score it right DOWN the middle at the 6 inch mark and then ACROSS 4 inches from the bottom.

STEP 2 - Fold up the 4 inch section first. Then fold along the 6 inch score line with the 4inch flap on the inside. I then used my long arm stapler to secure the middle and both open edges of the flap.

STEP 3 - It's then time to decorate!
*I began with the cover. From one of the 8x8" patterned papers, I cut a 6x4" piece. 
For added pattern and layers, I cut out some rough scalloped border style pieces and also some flags and created a type of banner along the top edge of the 6x4" piece. Adhered that all onto the bottom section of the page and popped a half of the large doily behind it. I cut one of the sentiments out of the cut-apart pieces of the papers in the kit and adhered it to this section also.
*For the title part, I created my own garland using the string, washi tape (plus a couple of others from my own stash), the alpha stickers, and the sequins from the kit. I folded the washi tape over the string so it sticks to itself then snipped little banner ends out of them to create little flags. In between each flag, I threaded on some of the sequins for some added bling :-)
Stuck the required alphas on each flag and attached it to the top of the front page with my tiny attacher.
* To finish, I swiped on some of the gold paint (which I love I might add!!), popped on one of the die-cuts from the epehemera pack and used the stickers to add the year.

* For the inside - I used two panels from the cut-aparts and attached them to each side. As the kids are getting Christmas cards from the school kids now, I have one side of the folder for the kids cards and the other for all our family ones. I labelled these accordingly with the alpha stickers. Popped on another die-cut each side and it was ready for the cards!!

 You could embellish the inside flaps more or not at all. You could just label them.
It's really up to the individual.

It's nice to have the Christmas Cards all in one place and looking nice - not just piled together with a rubber band in a box.
This way is decorative and allows you to add your own touch and flair to storing your cards.

Until next time, take care and happy creating!

Anna :-)

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