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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thoughtful Thursday with Aimee Dow

It seems very fitting to me that I should wrap up my stint with APOCD on Thoughtful Thursday. I am sad to be going, but in my absents someone new will come and teach you new and wonderful things. I ashamed to say it, but they will probably have better time management skills than me too. I have got to know Natalie, Anna and Felicity much better in my time here. I have no hesitation in saying they are all truly beautiful women and I am proud to call them friends. My highest praise though, goes to Raquel. She is a diabolical genius when it comes to putting together a kit and that's coming from a colour tyrant, such as myself. I have found her nothing, but a pleasure to work with and I am super excited to continue working with her as one of the Jot Girls. If you are reading this and wondering if one day you should apply for the team, I'm here to tell you "do it!", you could not work with nicer or more talented group of people.

Eh, but I'm pretty sure you didn't come here for a recommendation did you? How about we get down to some craft? Today's project is top secret and by top secret I mean - No one tell my husband.

I'll be using the December Main Kit which is currently $26.60. Just sayin' peeps, that's cheap!

I made a Valentines Day Card for my hubby. This is where you all say "aaawwwww". See, card making totally fits the thoughtful topic. I find masculine cards really hard to make. To me, I always default to the same theme - grunge, but as luck would have it that's my hubby's main theme too!

Can I just jump in here and point out how smart I am. The card says "I love you more than words can say" and the shaker window is made out of the dictionary vellum from the kit. Get it... WORDS! I'm pretty proud of that :P

The gold glitter heart cardstock, and twine are from the kit too. You could have used the orange and blue sequins from the kit to fill the vellum pocket, but I kinda already had a theme going with the gold and white.

But wait theirs more! 

I made an envelope with the Amy Tangerine heart paper! Turns out I didn't have quite enough paper left after Tuesdays layout so I had to include the tear strip, but the best thing is that little pink address bar there looks deliberate AND it's the only place it shows on the envelope. FTW peeps!

Well I hate to say it, but that's all I have to write. I hope to see you all in and around the scrapping traps and until see you next, go send some love! Or leave it here in the comments.

Aimee xx

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