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Friday, 6 April 2012

April's kit Recipe

Huge Hello Everyone!

I'm very excited to be creating this months Recipe to inspire you all :)

I have to say I am in LOVE with Aprils Kit!
With all the lovely embellishments to play with, and the stunning colour combo how can you go wrong?!

I could help but get excited when I spyed Charms Creations! An Exclusive design just for a piece of cakes design kits!! As well as some handmade goodies from Chelley Bean Designs!

Oh I truly believe these kits have so so much to offer and you can't be more happy with the amount of scrapping you'll achieve.

Now onto the Recipe :P

You'll need your supplies -
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • cutting mat
  • circle cutter/compass/plates
  • Gesso or white paint
  • April's Kit

Step 1 - The Base

After choosing and printing your photos it's time to take out the template and black cardstock from your April kit.

With either Gesso or white paint use a sponge to dab the paint over the template to create a raised chicken wire effect on your background.


To add interest and balance to your background, dab the mask in three different areas, this creates what is know as a visual triangle.

Here is a close up of how dabbing can create texture to your making.....

Now set the cardstock aside to dry.

Step 2 - The Layers

Now from your kit take out the Papers
  • Echo Park Dots and Stripes
  • My Minds Eye Miss Caroline - Token Paper
  • American Craft Abode
  • Echo Park This & That 
We are now going to cut out some circles :)

From  Echo Park Dots and Stripes cut a 18cm circle
and from My Minds Eye Miss Caroline - Token Paper cut a 16cm circle.

Then from American Craft Abode cut a 11cm circle
and from Echo Park This & That  cut a 9.5cm circle.

Then Lightly distress......

Step 3 - More Layers

Take out from your kit My Minds Eye Miss Caroline - Tickets and Cut off a strip 9cm wide and 28cm long.

Then Lightly Distress.....


Step 4 - Icing Layers together

Now to Stick all our bits down :)
Please check that your paint/gesso is dry before hand....

First we are going to stick down our strip of checkers down about 4cm from the bottom of the page....

Then we are going to stick down our circles layered with the smaller circles....

Next taking out the yummy Paper Horoscope tag and sticking it down on an angle.... 

Now on too the photos, I have double printed my chosen photos to add layers and interest to my layout...also remember if you have a perfect photo but the colours don't match the papers you want to use...just convert it to black and white and the photos will suit any pattern paper :)

Step 5 - Adding Sprinkles!

Now for the really fun bit adding the sprinkles!
I so love these exclusive buttons and the added Joy of Charms Creations Super Star is totally Perfect!
And the yummy ticket really mixes them together :)

 I wanted to create a little border at the bottom with the tickets
from the My Minds Eye Miss Caroline - Tickets, you'll find it easiest to cut the tickets from along the side of the paper. {saves on papers too }

Step 6 -Now to add some cherries :)

From your kit take out the Washi tape, My Minds Eye Sticker labels and a couple of brads

Bunch up the Washi tape in a strip and stick one of the MME labels at the bottom of the tape and top with a brad. 

In the top right hand corner place another strip of bunched up washi tape
and a ticket cut out of MME Miss Caroline -tickets and top with a Brad

Step 7 - Title

Now for the Title :)

I chose to use a combination of both alphas in this April's Kit to really create interest and help the colours work together.

And then finish off with a little light doodling to make the label pop and the title pop as well :)

There you have it :)

My first creation with April's Kit

"Twos Company Threes Party"

Remember, you can swap out papers and embellishments to suit your own photos or style, and make changes along the way to create something that is uniquely yours. Whatever you do, please leave a link here in the comments to your layout, or share it with us on our Facebook page. We'd love to see it!

Hope you all have a super fun time with this months Kit!
If you haven't grabbed one yet pop over to A Piece of Cake Designs quick! Only a few left!! 

Happy Scrappen Weekend!


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